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Struggle no more with “The Appliance Slider”, this week’s Invention of the Week, which enables a single person to move a washer or dryer, quickly and easily, without damaging the floor. This would allow one person to move their large appliance from its original location without damaging the wall or flooring. In that period of time the ramps work perfectly and these are widely used to move disable persons. The device is said to shorten the baking time of turkey and other poultry by up to 50%! At the same time the demand for highly trained technicians who are able to maintain and service modern production lines have also increased exponentially. Agriculture as we all know is production of agri goods through the cultivation of crops and also by the massive domestication of animals. People don’t believe that their company is in danger of perishing because they just cannot or don’t want to see it.

Make sure that if your invention is already designed, and you don’t feel that any engineering needs to be done that the invention or prototype design company you use doesn’t try to charge you for any additional engineering fees. MatchProduct (sister company of InventionHome) is now seeking license or distribution opportunities for this clever kitchen item. Specifically, it allows the user to slide a plugged-in item an inch or two to one side or the other, providing the extra room needed to accommodate an oversized plug. We’re pleased to introduce MatchProduct item “Bakers Band” as this week’s featured invention! If so, then this week’s Invention of the Week is the perfect tool to help you finally conquer your goal of getting into great shape! Keep romance alive this Valentine’s Day- even in cold weather- with this week’s Invention of the Week, Smittens! Smittens are truly a perfectly unique present for your partner this Valentine’s Day!

Three sizes are currently available to fit standard 9”x13”, 8”x8” and 9-1/2” round baking dishes. Smittens are available in adult and child sizes and come in three colors, including the ultimate color of love- red! It may be expensive for a golfer to purchase multiple gloves to wear every three or four holes, making the Dry-ve It the perfect golfer-friendly solution. People who wish to keep their homes smelling nice while keeping the furniture and themselves free of lint may appreciate the versatility of this unique product. This innovative, patent-issued product utilizes frame brackets to mount and move a large appliance, such as a dryer or washing machine, unaccompanied. The Appliance Slide can even be used to move the washer or dryer to retrieve dropped or lost items. The Appliance Slide would not only make the process of moving a washing machine or dryer faster and easier, but also allows the consumer to do it in a safe and stress free manner.

The Appliance Slide is ideal when a large appliance must be temporarily relocated for cleaning purposes, inspections or for routine maintenance. The Appliance Slide is a timesaving device that can be easily adjusted to accommodate the various depths from different appliance manufacturers. It can save up to 50-53% of energy consumption and electricity cost. She said her design does not use freon and it uses much less electricity. Some designing software also come prepared with real images so that buyers can become acquainted with the look and feel of the design in a precise manner. It may be offered in a variety of colors and design patterns. It’s durable and may attach to any standard golf cart pole. Dry-ve it allows golfers to rotate out their sweaty gloves for dry ones throughout their round of golf. The protections you have from patent promotion firms is spelled out in laws passed in 1999. These promotion firms have specific duties of disclosure under this act.