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Even if your idea is an accidental invention, we can help. The knowledge gained in this step will help students develop an appreciation for inventors and will help establish in them a positive attitude about the invention process. An invention is a device, process, or method that is novel and/or unique. Once students have built their product or have developed their process, they will plan a strategy to market their invention. An invention is also a new, useful, and nonobvious improvement of a process, machine, or product. This newest improvement made the zipper more reliable and became a fashionable way to fasten clothing through interlocking components similar to the zipper we know today. Us everyday folks who enjoy McDonald’s will never know the hard work that goes behind finding new and tasty staple food items. During the planning step, students must decide whether they will produce a small model or a full-size prototype of their invention.

Finding a need to fulfill or a problem to solve is the second step in the invention process. You don’t need to have anything fancy created, but having an accurate drawing of your invention may be required to file for your patent. It was during this period that Morse visited Europe again and tried not only to secure patent protection overseas but to examine competing telegraph systems in England. Patent 887,357 for a wireless telephone; he originally applied his patent to only radio telephones. Another great use for telephones is for business. Easy to use: The glass products are actually easy to use and take care of. Canned corn or canned cream corn – It seems that carp like corn or any corn products. Some products are simple by design, and others are technologically advanced. Mobile phones are a very accepted accessory these days but this is not how the cell phone revolution began. Overall the the mobile phone is a highly sophisticated radio and without the constant advancements from 1908 to 1973 this technology would not exist.

The mobile phone may be seen as a new technology in our day, but the idea was actually first conceived in the year 1908. This statement is only true because the mobile phone is actually a high-tech radio. This then began to appeal to the masses as they saw the practicality of owning a mobile phone. ] Finally in 1973 a man named Martin Cooper and his associates effectively masted the portable mobile phone. Today we live in a world where if one would like a new phone it easy to go out to a store and get a plan with a decent phone. There’s only one wine that that comes from Ireland and it’s made by Llewellyn’s – a farmer in north county Dublin. ] One is used for talking or sending, and the other is used for listening or receiving. Morse had hired the ingenious construction engineer Ezra Cornell to lay the pipe carrying the wire, and although Cornell did his job superbly, one of Morse’s partners, Congressman F. O. J. Smith, had purchased wire with defective insulation.

The operator slid a pointer connected to a battery and the sending wire across the bars, and immediately the appropriate dots and dashes were sent over the line. The desperate Morse gave the go-ahead, and the line was completed in time for the dramatic and spectacularly successful link between the Supreme Court chamber of the Capitol building and the railroad station in Baltimore. 30,000 that would allow him to build a telegraph line from Washington to Baltimore, forty miles away. In this step, students build their invention or develop their process. Communication and research skills are also greatly enhanced throughout the invention procedure. Once a need or a problem has been identified, students are directed to use problem-solving and creative-thinking skills to invent a product or process that would fill the need or overcome the problem. They will learn that plans need to be changed along the way and that trial and error is a part of the invention process.

In the plans the developmental steps are laid out, preliminary drawings may be made, time limits are established, materials are listed, and testing methods are defined. Students should create detailed plans for their invention or process. Consider the commercial sales value of your invention. Since the late 1800s there have been many types of electric lamps such as, neon lights and fluorescent lamps that are very popular for both commercial and home uses. In 1831, he had published an article, of which Morse was unaware, that contained details suggesting the idea of an electric telegraph. After meeting Charles Wheatstone, the inventor of one such electric telegraph system, Morse realized that although his main competitor had built an ingenious mechanism, his own system was far simpler, more efficient, and easier to use. To make is work, they made adjustments to the lips which depending on the form the lips take, resulted in different sounds, when one of the brother used a bellows to send air through the windpipe.