The History Of TNT Explosive

Turn & Clean Litter Box will replace the need to sift and sort through cat litter to gather soiled clumps and solid waste for removal. The identification information can be changed on a daily basis if need be. Of the approximately 10 million pets that get lost every year, a staggering ninety percent never return home due to lack of identification. In doing so, it passes through the litter, which remains at the bottom due to gravity. To clean the litter, the user would simply rotate the cylinder one full turn. After passing through the litter, the sifting basket has filtered out the used litter clumps and solid waste while leaving the unused litter at the bottom of the cylinder. During the rotation, the sifting basket rotates around the inside of the cylinder. This sifting basket is used to filter the litter. The one opened side of the sifting basket will align with the side door to facilitate removal of the waste.

Are you one of the many cat owners that dreads the task of emptying the litter box? This sifter is able to separate reusable litter form waste materials in a matter of seconds, eliminating the cumbersome task of bending and scooping. Reusable litter is put back into the litter box. What if you could own a litter box that stored the used litter until it was ready for proper disposal? Turn & Clean Litter Box is a cylindrically shaped cat litter box that sits atop a base with a removable waste bin. He came up with the Turn & Clean Litter Box. The entire contents of the litter box are dumped into the sifter, which sits atop a bucket. In fact, The Cat Litter Sifter ensures the user will be able to clean a litter box with approximately 95 % proficiency. The Litter Sifter is easy to use, and much more sanitary than scooping out the litter one scoop at a time. Are you tired of scooping all that litter out scoop by scoop by SCOOP? As easy as 1,2,3 and no scooping involved!

For example, while vacationing with ones pet, the pet owner can slide in the “vacation” contact information and upon the return home, the home contact information can be replaced. While a Golden Retriever would require a type of toy with a handle suitable for tossing and made easy for the dog to retrieve and carry. This specially designed dog product will enable a pet owner to teach a dog to toss and retrieve with a fun reward ready for instant, positive reinforcement. An agility dog will respond better to a tug toy, which can be thrown over obstacles in training by the handler or tugged with the dog before agility to “jazz up” the dog before running the course. Dogs and consumers of any age will enjoy playing with this rugged, fun, and interactive new training toy. The innovative toy includes different styles of training tools and toys that are designed for dogs of different breeds and sizes and for the various skills needed for certain tasks.

Invention agent or invention broker are like bridge between investors and project takers in order to complete the valuable projects and get good returns at end of project. Each design contains a handle on one end to facilitate tossing and successful retrieval, a comparable sized tennis ball on the opposite end and compartments for the storage of squeakers or treats. The interior contains a grated, basket-like structure connected to the wall. The unit features a side slot through which new tags or information can be placed, as needed, eliminating the dangling and jingling. I started working on my invention unit today! A swinging panel on the unit can open for simple attachment to collar, harness or leash, and secures the product firmly in place by Velcro or other means. This feature also enables the product to be transferred easily to another collar, leash, or harness, if necessary. You’ll get invention help of investors to help complete the product. In order for your invention to pass the fourth requirement, it must be unobvious.