STEM Summer Programs

TNT was invented in 1863, just four years before dynamite, by German chemist Joseph Wilbrand. The first BlackBerry mobile device was launched in 1999. Four years later, the BlackBerry smartphone was launched in Germany. This included the first basic web browser and the tools to produce other sites. By the end of the year, there would be two packed conferences to discuss the growth of the World Wide Web and 10,000 web servers online. Lung and mouth cancer are two deadly diseases which are caused primarily by the excessive consumption of tobacco. This invention helped a great deal in controlling water-borne diseases in developing nations. The UN and WHO sponsored this project and helped in distributing UV filter units in developing and poor nations. The increasing popularity of video games is inspiring lots of software developing companies to foray in this business and they are looking for skilled workforce all the time. Everyone is looking for advertising dollars so unless you are very persistent by sending your media kit and press release and following up with media contacts to make sure your story is heard you will not be heard. Another major leap forward was the invention of the printing press in the 1400s by a German metalworker named Johannes Gutenberg.

Here are some basic steps that you can take in order to get your invention idea into the marketplace and then into the hands of the end user. See that the cheap fillers are not used for your mattress. That is why, normal print forms are highly preferred and it fits to the budget of every individual. What we today would consider to be “the printer” is a complex machine that takes many forms and serves many purposes. 2,000 of these were for business purposes. Even today only those business entities flourish that understand the changing practices and the direction of the market earlier than the rest. 100,000 change in the bottom line the sensitivity of the business model to that expense would be negative 10,000 dollars per cent (dollars/cents). Depending on the nature of your idea, you may also want to develop a working model of your Rapid prototype design to show potential investors.

Rapid Prototype Companies use special machines called 3D Printers in order to manufacturer a prototype. Dunn’s first use of electric guitar on a recording was in January, 1935, with Milton Brown and his Musical Brownies. In 1995, the Boeing 777, a twin-engine airplane, became the first ever plane to be designed using CAD and CAM. Ashok Gadgil, a Civil and Environment Engineering Professor, invented the method of using ultraviolet rays to disinfect drinking water. The question of who invented the printer for computer use is also difficult to answer with any degree of specificity, as the history of the computer is itself laden with gray areas. This mechanical press, along with vast improvements Gutenberg made in movable type production and the use of ink, led to a printing revolution across Europe. There are fees involved in getting a patent even if you don’t use a patent lawyer. The process of receiving a patent is the main part of inventing, so each time you go through the patent process, you receive experience that makes the next time easier.

The term initial patent application means a nonprovisional U.S. Shortly after this successful growth spurt, CERN would pass on control of the World Wide Web to the French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Controls who formed and joined the International World Wide Web Consortium. The project started at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California. The journey started with Pentium Classic and today it has landed into a completely new era, where Pentium is replaced by Intel Core Processors. The Intel Museum in Santa Clara, California proudly showcases the Pentium as one of its greatest achievements. This was largely due to the energy act and regulations issued by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The energy crisis of 1970s was the basis for the fuel mileage requirement and environmental concerns about pollution (such as Los Angeles “smog”) forced the government to enforce clean energy rules. The 1990 Los Angeles Auto Show became the turning point of the electric car industry.

The HST was launched in April 1990 and it was a major step toward the study of extraterrestrial elements. The Windows 98 operating system was also launched in the same year. Mac was launched in 1998 and today it has become one of the most popular desktop computers in the world. The Akashi Kaikyo Bridge opened for the public in Japan in 1998. It is the longest span bridge of the world with a span of 1991 meters. The overall length of the bridge is 3,911 meters. The world was already head over heels in love with the World Wide Web and its magical abilities, but computers were not smart enough and fast enough to reciprocate the same feeling. The Internet is the actual network that the World Wide Web uses. Al Gore did not invent the World Wide Web or the Internet. The truth is that he was discussing some bills that he supported to help fund the early stages of Internet development before it was popular, and therefore claimed that he helped create the Internet.