If You Create A New Device Or Process

Epilady enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing / licensing opportunities for this patented product. 5. Identification: To recognize and establish your idea or invention into quantifiable and qualifiable opportunities and benefits to market your product or service. It is cheap and very effective, better than even cheaper whitening solutions which are sold in the market. Inventor Susan Drexler decided that she needed a better way to clean up dog messes in the yard…. Independent inventor David Rice enlisted the help of Invention Home to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention, “Pet Gard”. Inventor David Rice has designed the perfect product for you! David has an issued Utility Patent as well as a finished sample. It correlates with citation-based rankings when they’re available and tends to give higher ratings to prominent patents on lists such as those compiled by patent office historians. In some situations it may be necessary to only give the company required information to properly evaluate the idea without releasing any information considered proprietary or confidential.

They contained RAM (Random Access Memory) and made it possible to access information in seconds. Personal information may be required to establish identity and ownership to your idea. THE PRINTING PRESS took written information out of the exclusive hands of the wealthy and privileged and put it into the hands of the middle class. The Cat Loft is an exclusive sleeping bed for the pet that simply functions as an extension of the owner’s bed. Pet Grooming Comb with Angled Teeth utilizes a unique angled design to gather a pet’s undercoat fur in a thorough and efficient manner. The five-tooth comb is without equal when it comes to removing undercoat from densely furred dogs. Q: What if one person supplies all the ideas to make an invention – and another person either employs him and/or comes up with the money to build and test the invention – should the patent application be filed jointly?

You just need to be very careful and thorough when you pick one, decide whether you need their services and understand what you get for your money. The sleek design doesn’t interfere with regular changing of bedding, and since it is off the floor, there’s no need to move it when cleaning around or under the bed. From spotting degrees – monoculars – compact telescopes, you will discover an awesome variety of binoculars to suit your need. This revolutionary grooming comb can be used on a wide variety of pets and yield results that are difficult to achieve with the current assortment of home grooming products. This was thanks to great baseball players like Babe Ruth, who completely revolutionized the game with hisprowess at hitting home runs. Are you a pet lover who wants your pet’s company at all times? Dog Travel Tubes make traveling with your pet easy and convenient.

Dog Travel Tubes offer a great convenience to pet lovers and their pets. Most pets even enjoy this combing action! It is also less stressful for the pet than other treatments such as sprays, chemical baths, etc. By simply combing the pet’s hair with the Flea Zapper, fleas are eliminated. Developed by Epilady, a company known for their body-care products, the Flea Zapper is a unique, fully developed, and effective product to remove fleas from household pets. InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – Flea Zapper. The Flea Zapper is a chemical-free device and is ideal for most pets, including dogs, cats and even geriatric animals. Shedding is a very common complaint from even the most avid pet lover! Inventor Rain Moy has designed a harness that can keep your ‘pal’ cool even in the hottest of weather. Independent inventor Chad Logan enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his patent-pending invention. Independent inventor Rain Moy enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her invention, “Kool Pets by Rain”.