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Invention of the Rapture post has proven to be quite popular (I am always amazed and a bit disappointed at what rises to the top). G. What are the portability qualities of the invention? Flowers, cherubs, and birds are among the more popular patterns “Christmas papers were intricately printed and ornamented with lace and ribbon. And to me that is more of casting down a gauntlet than your response suggests. It suggests that, like Tesla’s motor or Carothers’ nylon, they had a lasting impact on American innovation. Check out the Tape Innovation Timeline at the Scotch website for more milestones in transparent tape, as well as pictures of vintage tape dispensers and packaging. Figure out what the problem is your invention solves, and be honest about how many people it really helps. I spoke to a second grade teacher early this school year to find out if I could create some projects that would align with their classroom curriculum.

In third year he went to work for his Uncle Frank, purveyor of fine crushed glass. I have had my third graders do a simple machine brain project for the last several years. We are also solving multi-digit multiplication with missing factors, no easy feat for third graders. I immediately thought that creating an invention project would be a great project to get 2nd graders ready for the 3rd grade machine brain project. The first thing she thought of was information about inventions that they never have quite enough time to fully complete at the end of the year. I assessed students in fiction and will end the year with informational DRAs in May. This was a fun end of the year project for 2nd grade. Roy and his wife can erase recordings or turn off the cameras if they need to get intimate or cuss each other out, but at the end of the day the video is sent to MIT for computerized processing.

You can use this tool for adventurous expeditions, survival situations, as well as for gardening, woodworking or lifting some heavy items. The use of tissue paper for gift-wrapping soon follows. I don’t think that your use of “invention” was really complimentary or even neutral and as such does little to move the dialogue forward. But after the invention of electric small size popcorn poppers, people started to make this tasty snack at their home, and today manufacturing and selling of popcorn machines is one of the biggest industries in America. This a common problem with sandals in that the out-sole has small gaps each time it passes over a strap. I encourage the students to “check” their work by solving each problem at least two different ways. Similarly, Ian Paul over at Psephizo has a good post in which he tackles two of the most often used biblical passages to support the rapture theory and tells us why they do not support any such theory. Wireless PA systems spare the spread of cables all over a campus or industry periphery. Please see the previous post regarding the Invention Convention.

Tissue paper springs from this invention. It is used as wrapping paper, either alone or in conjunction with regular paper. 1930s-40s – Wrapping paper patterns become more stylized due to influences from Art Deco. 1837-1901 – The Victorian Period- Wrapping paper is decorated similar to the Christmas cards of this era. 1863, Ebenezer Butterick chooses tissue paper for his newly-invented graded sewing patterns, implying that it was somewhat widely available by that time. What time would you like to visit, what event would you like to witness? And you make a great point in noting that you don’t really take on Dispensationalists, but rather those who might be described as “rapturists” (although I don’t like that terminology). The obvious difference between those who are successful and those who struggle is math fact mastery. I ask them to provide the who and what (sequence of events) using bullets and time references (first, next, then, after a bit, the next day, finally, in the end, etc.).