EFL / ESL: Dragons’ Den Inventions Lesson Plan For Learners Of English

With the help of InventionHome, independent inventor Angela Dawe’s concept for a dog/cat leash and collar with attachable charms is now being sold in over 1,145 PetSmart locations nationwide! Using the same streamlined process as InventionHome, we approach companies about licensing and/or distribution opportunities and take a modest commission ONLY if a successful “match” is made. In the early years when the shopping bag was first introduced in the market, marketing professionals saw the branding opportunities that they can get from using bags. Then a virtual model has to be built using computer aided design and then finally a prototype can be built using rapid prototyping. Unfortunately for Swan, the vacuum pumps of his day were not efficient as they are now, and his first prototype for a cost-effective bulb never went to market. Never send any information about your invention before establishing communication with the company that you are submitting your invention to. What does your invention idea look like?

You need to get the managers involved and make them feel like their inputs are being listened to. There are many great advantages to being able to turn something abstract in your mind into something physical and concrete that you can hold and manipulate, and particularly if you can manufacture it on an industrial level. It’s also important to keep in mind that when a product is in the development phase, a patent should be one of the last steps. Therefore, it often becomes difficult for them to quit smoking at one go. Being an Inventor is one of the most profitable business adventures you can take. I am encouraging them to write about one passage in a paragraph and then write about the second passage in a second paragraph. To use, just adjust the cutter bar to the appropriate height, then rest the melon slice on the contoured surface. With minimal effort, the melon will slide right through the bar and a juicy, read-to-eat piece of melon will emerge from the other end!

Melon Peeler provides consumers with a safe and efficient method for removing the rinds from cantaloupes, honeydews, and watermelons. Thumb-Lite’s compact design provides an easy way to turn anything into a flashlight. Their almost universal fascination with the way tiny vehicles can be rolled along the floor, and the joy they derive from transportation in life-size ones, calls attention to the remarkable ingenuity of the wheel. The Critter Litter is a collapsible, disposable litter box, which allows for an improved way to change a litter box without the scooping, heavy bags or ambient odors associated with traditional litter boxes. Barbara’s innovative product was designed to simplify the dreaded task of cleaning cat litter boxes. Bookmarking your website and returning later – Joining your newsletter record – Subsequent your links and investing in a product. There may be a handle affixed to the top of the product for easy carrying. The grocery bag you’re carrying breaks, and the eggs inside splat across your driveway. This is the time of year when my children, ages 11 and 8, often root inside our game-room closet to emerge with board games galore to combat boredom on chilly evenings. His uber-challenging version centers on a modified game board that has strategically-placed mirrors which allow players to see only the mirror-image of their own game pieces (which are shielded from their normal line-of-sight).

If it is a premium software the seller will give you the link to an updated version but if it is free software, go for the latest version that is up to date. The kids and I can’t wait to give this game a try! Whether you’re in your car, watching TV, boating, camping, at the game or serving up the burgers at the tailgate party, the Freedom Tray will make your life easier. Lately, their game of choice has been Chess. Our client, Gregory Benjamin, also a fan of the game, has developed some twists to Chess and companion game, Checkers. But unlike the traditional devices, Dog/Cat Collar & Leash with Attachable Charms are functional and stylish. InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Dog/Cat Collar and Leash with Attachable Charms”. InventionHome announces their Invention of the Week – “Pet Watering System with Retractable Bowl”. Barb has an issued US Utility patent on her invention. Susan has filed for a Utility Patent on her invention. Independent inventor Thomas Segreto enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention. Independent inventors Jerry and Donna Avey enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention.

Independent inventor Robert M. enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist him in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for his invention. It is been considered as a greatest invention and carries the functions to fulfil people’s satisfaction. There is no simple approach to look for invention marketing company based on the invention. 3. The market plan, which explains how your company can carry out its objectives by outlining your execution strategy. The bowl can slide in and out of the base by utilizing a track system. Beverages can be poured out utilizing the spout component on the outside of the item. It’s winter…and it’s cold outside here in southwestern Pennsylvania. Many modern pools are heated and underground, while several older styles are generally unheated, something that can cause uncomfortably cold water if you the type who likes to swim in the winter or fall. Users may choose to add different charms to the collars and leashes such as hearts, stars, sports, charity awareness and many more styles.