52 EPC, But Denied Inventive Step

Independent inventor Bryan Chin felt that this was enough of an issue that he began development on just such an invention. The Easy Access Litter Box addresses this need.” Thus began the development of The Easy Access Litter Box. The identification information can be changed on a daily basis if need be. What technologies has space exploration brought to our daily life? 17. ROCKETS – while the invention of early rockets is credited to the Ancient Chinese, the modern rocket is a 20th century contribution to humanity, responsible for transforming military capabilities and allowing human space exploration. 7. GUNPOWDER – this chemical explosive, invented in China in the 9th century, has been a major factor in military technology (and, by extension, in wars that changed the course of human history). And, of course, the dot-com bust of five years ago remains a painful reminder of how success breeds hubris and humiliating failure. Ira passed away after 42 years of marriage. And years later the quality would diminish even more.

Even more alarming, the tags could become detached from the collar and be lost forever. Sue felt that jingling, dangling pet ID tags were a nuisance to move from one collar to another, and over time the tags often became faded and illegible. When folded, Pet Ramp for Trucks could be secured to the side of the truck by means of ropes, hooks or some other securing device. A swinging panel on the unit can open for simple attachment to collar, harness or leash, and secures the product firmly in place by Velcro or other means. This feature also enables the product to be transferred easily to another collar, leash, or harness, if necessary. Harold’s invention, the Pet Ramp for Trucks, is an inclined walkway that enables an animal to walk directly into the cab of a large truck. No other device enables all of these different items to be placed not only on trees but also square concrete light polls and pilings.

Independent Inventor Candy Lynch did, and she saw a need for a combination toy and training device for household pets; hence the development of the Tug Toss and Bait Training Toy. Well, Independent inventors Ronald and Linda Schmidt have come up with a solution for you! Independent inventors Ronald and Linda Schmidt enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist them in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for their invention, The Cat Litter Sifter. Independent inventor Sue Reilly enlisted the help of InventionHome to assist her in finding marketing/licensing opportunities for her clever invention. Independent inventor, Harold Heartsill came up with a solution for you! He came up with the Turn & Clean Litter Box. Turn & Clean Litter Box will replace the need to sift and sort through cat litter to gather soiled clumps and solid waste for removal. Hinges along the bottom allow the ramp to easily unfold or collapse quickly and without any sort of strain to the operator.

First it is strongly recommend learning how to use some sort of spreadsheet software. These file can be read by several different types of CAD drafting software. A prototyped CAD drawing service will in most situations provide the complete Invention Design from prototype to the point of manufacturing. Or, are you a service provider (kennel or rescue shelter) that has multiple cats in your charge at one time? Are you one of the 72% of cat owners that have more than one cat? Are you one of the many cat owners that dreads the task of emptying the litter box? If you are in it for the taste, an all PG-foundation vape juice would be good for you. Are a wall-mount and a stand required? The entire contents of the litter box are dumped into the sifter, which sits atop a bucket. The Cat Litter Sifter is a two-part device featuring a retainer ring that houses a specially designed sifter.