The Top 7 SEO Secrets for Small Businesses

The Top 7 SEO Secrets for Small Businesses
After creating a very awesome website and optimizing it by placing all the right keywords properly in all the appropriate locations, search engine results still show poor rankings when searching for keywords. Your website is probably missing one thing – Links.
An important small business SEO element is called “backlink.” A backlink is a link from another website that points to your website. If a backlink linking to your site comes from a more authoritative and trustworthy site, and is relevant to the contents of your page, that backlink would definitely be of help in making your website rise in the results pages of search engines.
In this article are 7 SEO strategies that will help small businesses establish links to improve rankings in search engine results.
1. Quality is Better than Quality – For a backlink, quality scores much better than quantity. “It’s better to have even only five backlinks from good websites rather than thousands of crappy ones.” COO of Outspoken Media Rhea Drysdale says.
Generally, a good quality backlink serves as a vote in a way for your content coming from an authoritative and trustworthy website.
2. Keep it Legit and Relevant. – Aim for links from legitimate, non-spam websites that are within a relevant scope with your website.
3. Attract High Quality Links Using Quality Content – Aim to create linkbait. Content that is usually useful, interesting, funny or controversial is also usually the kind of content that other users would want to share and link on their blogs and other social media. Search engines that are now starting to experiment using Facebook and Twitter data see shared links such as those to be endorsements for your content.
4. Don’t Go For Link Exchanges – For most small business SEO, they believe that linking a friend’s site to another is beneficial. Internet marketing consultant Thomas Petty says that links that point to each other may make Google think that its system is being manipulated thus crosses out the link being a quality link.
5. Offer Something of Value in Return for a Quality Link – Creating worthwhile and original content that includes anchor text or a link to you website for other websites is one way of getting a backlink for your website. Top SEO gurus suggested offering to write for relevant blogs or posts in your industry and adding a backlink in your post.
6. Aim For Links That Your Competition Doesn’t Have – The trick to beating your competitors when it comes to results in search engines is not copying their strategies in link building but to look for loopholes in it. Always think about creating original, high-quality content so you can get the backlinks that the competition can’t.
7. Be Smart About Buying Links – Creating links for your website is a very time-consuming task. However, there are of course, businesses that offer their services in this field. But some SEO firms get their backlinks from spammy and dubious websites, which in turn, can penalize your website instead. With a directory listing that is specific to your target industry, you are also exposing your website to your target customers.
Starting a small business SEO can be a very tedious process, but with these in mind, you are just one step ahead of the competition in gaining higher “SERP” rankings and getting a larger traffic for your website, and of course, that just means more business for you!

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