Keyword Research Explained – How To Find Profitable Keywords

Keyword Research Explained – How To Find Profitable Keywords
When it comes to search engine optimization, a frequent query is how to do keyword research, or even better, how to do it effectively.
A keyword is a certain phrase or word that when typed into a search engine, displays the desired results. Keyword research is the process of finding these phrases that could be proven most profitable to you, meaning that this element, when done effectively, will allow your website, or anywhere else you want to drive traffic to, to rank higher in search engines.
For clarifying purposes, search engines do not like websites that don’t have much content, so these types of websites don’t appear high in search engines, like Google. Content is king for Google. The more content a website has the more likely it is to rank in the first page of Google. Of course it goes without saying that any piece of content must be of quality.
A certain type of website, commonly known as a squeeze page, will not get much exposure as it is a single page without much content.
On the other hand, there are kinds of websites that do get a lot of exposure due to them having loads of quality content. Such websites are article directories, blogs etc. This is where keyword research comes in.
If you create an article and submit it to an article directory and title it based on what keywords you found most profitable, your article will get more exposure in search engines, when your keyword is typed in. At the end of your article you can post a link back to your website. The more links you have on other websites referring back to yours, makes your website even more popular with search engines.
There is really only one way to go at this. Keyword research is a two-step process. The first thing you want to do, in order to find a profitable keyword, is see how many searches your keyword of choice gets monthly. Once you get that done, it’s time to see how much competition there is out there for that particular keyword. You want to discover keywords that have a high amount of searches but a low amount of competition.
There are two types of keywords: long-tail which have 5 words or more, and short-tail which have no more than 3-4 words. The longer a keyword is the less competition it is likely to have and therefore the more profitable it will be.
To see how many searches a keyword gets, type into Google: keyword tool, and it should be the first link as it actually belongs to Google which is completely free and easy to use. Once you arrive at the page, at the section where it says ”word or phrase”, type in your desired keyword and wait for the results. You want to look at the global monthly searches. Any searches over 2.000 is a potentially profitable keyword, any less than that won’t be that good.
The beauty of this tool is that it also brainstorms for you. Beneath your search, other results will be displayed as well based on what you entered.
Once you’ve found a keyword with enough searches, the next thing to do is find how much competition there is for that same keyword. The way to do this is by typing in Google your keyword inside speech marks ”. This will show you the amount of competition for that exact keyword, word for word. Anything over 60.000-70.000 will be pretty hard to compete with. The lower the number is the better.
This process will take some time until you find a good enough keyword. However, even when you find a profitable keyword there is one more thing to take into consideration, and that is how strong the competition could be, even though there might not be much.

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