Alt Text: Top 5 Writing Arts

Alt Text: Top 5 Writing Arts
What does Alt Text Stand for?
An alt text stands for alternative text. Text browsers and web user agents who can’t view images use alt text, which is also considered to be one of the only attributes required by the image-tag. What one can achieve by writing a great alt text is web pages become more accessible and will render a lot of places to add SEO text that search engines will never impose penalty for.
1. Repetition in the Image:
Any image, which has text in it, must have that one as the alt text. One can use any other words in the alternative text, but they need to repeat the thing it says. One should remember that images, such as logos, imply text as it is evident in the favorite icon of the EzineArticles’ website.
2. Write Short:
Short texts tempt the text-browsers into reading them fully while longer ones appear to be uninspiring. So, the best way is to keep them short, or at the best minimum. However, writing longer alternative text is quite common. But, they can’t keep the pages smaller in doing so. Nor can those pages download faster. Hence, the golden rule about writing an ideal one says that one that is between 5 and 15 words will definitely be the better impacting.
3. Put SEO Keywords across:
Make the best use of an alt text by putting SEO keywords into it. It can put them across effectively. As it is essential on images, so search engines are quite unlikely to impose penalty for putting SEO keywords into it. At the same time, the point of discretionary power of search engines to declare any such one spam needs to be borne in mind. The golden rule about using SEO keywords in them says that use of any keywords should be limited in them and that must suit with the description of the image.
4. Write Meaningfully:
One must know that objective of using them is to define an image effectively to the web users. However, use of them by the web developers as image file names, image size and many more is observed widely. But, they fail to make any impact on the web users.
5. Leave Icon and Bullet Blank:
Bullets and simple icons are useful descriptive texts. This is why one often happens upon them text-less. They are self-sufficient to describe themselves. CSS or Cascading Styles Sheets need not use them because they can describe the presentation semantics of a document well in their markup language. So, in case of having those in HTML, use of a blank alt attribute would be better than leaving it out altogether.
For instance, use of a character like an asterisk to represent a bullet would impact on the readers strongly rather than leaving it blank altogether. And, right in this way, the effect of putting the text bullet will reflect more effectively in the text browser.

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